AJ Rivera

Digital Ad Strategist | Business Advisor | Marketing Consultant

What’s My Deal?

Hi I’m AJ Rivera. I’m a business advisor, digital ad strategist, and marketing consultant. 

I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs & businesses add 6 to 7 figures to their business. (check out my reviews page for proof)

Because of my results helping others, I’ve been featured on Entrepreneur.com Business Insider, CNBC, Success Magazine, Barbell Shrugged, MSN & a few other places. 

If you’re looking for “hacks” or “tricks” you won’t find any here. 

If you’re looking for REAL strategies to grow REAL companies. 

We might just become good friends.

“If I didn’t run my own lead generation business, I would be paying AJ.”
Scott Olford
Creator - R.O.I Method
“I’ve seen a lot of coaches out there, I've never seen anyone’s program get the results AJ does.”
Dave Rogenmoser
CEO Proof

My Approach

I hate fluff. 

You probably do as well. 

I’m not gonna apply anything that is “theory” to your business. 

That would be irresponsible & unethical. 

Everything I teach & recommend is based on real world repeatable results.

It might not be the “shiniest” tactic in the world. But it’ll work today, tomorrow, and ten years from now. 

So if you like strategies that WORK. You’re in good company.